Living Well with Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia – Wellness Classes

This is a beautiful service you share with an underserved, unrecognized community. I have never met someone with my cancer. Your class helps me to feel more connected to my new reality and to others who are living it—not quite so alone.” – Jody N.

My therapeutic yoga work with the IWMF began in May 2021, and has since blossomed into a staff position as their wellness program coordinator, where I am broadening the wellness offerings for this amazing community affected by the rare lymphoma, Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. My father was diagnosed with WM in 2019. Read more about the The Birth of the WM Wellness Community

Chair Yoga Mondays at 2pm

Our 45 minute classes incorporate some of the following:

  • Breath exercises for reducing stress and boosting the immune system
  • Gentle stretches designed to energize the whole body
  • Yoga poses that move the lymph fluid, and improve balance and steadiness
  • Meditations like body scans to facilitate mindfulness, acceptance, and relaxation
  • Optional 15 minute community chat (satsang/sangha) after class

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Cardio Flow – Fridays at 2pm, see calendar

Physical activity is the number one intervention for cancer-related fatigue. Get your flow on with simple repetitive movements that strengthen the core and legs, work the upper body, and pump the lymph fluid for immune system support. 45 minutes.

We will be both seated and standing for the class, using the chair for balance as needed. Stick around for our optional community chat afterwards.

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Sound Meditation – Fridays at 2pm, see calendar

Relax to the sound of authentic Himalayan Singing bowls, with gentle verbal guidance and healing chants to further calm the nervous system. 30 minutes.Singing bowls introduce a healing harmonic sound wave that helps dislodge stagnation on the cellular level, bringing the mind and body into perfect tune.

Research studies have shown that sound meditation with singing bowls reduced tension and increased feelings of spiritual well-being in its participants, and could be useful for those experiencing fatigue, chronic stress, depression or anxiety.

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Yoga Nidra – a Conscious Relaxation Practice

Sundays at 4pm, see calendar

Those affected by Waldenstrom’s are invited to attend a live Yoga Nidra offering for free, once a month. This guided relaxation practice can be done from bed and is good for reducing stress, getting better sleep, and elevating well-being in general. If you miss a class, you’ll receive the recording later – reach out if you’d like access to the recordings. 30 minutes.

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Our WM Community

Satsang or Sangha refers to the practice of connecting with members of the community, in pursuit of truth and support.

Behind the scenes of our “Satsang” or community connection

Each week the community WM supports each other in whatever they’re experiencing. They also share how the practice helps them breathe better, feel more relaxed, balanced and flexible. The connection they experience with each other over the Zoom platform is just as therapeutic as the movement and breathing.

Thanks so much to Ann you, and the IWMF for these wonderful yoga classes.  This is a highlight of my week. Ann is the best yoga instructor I have encountered.  Her lovely personality and soothing voice make the classes most enjoyable and therapeutic.  I just love her classes. It’s also very gratifying to meet with other WMers and hear about their experiences. Everyone is so willing to share and learn. Thank you for organizing all this.

Anne M., North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Ann is wonderful. I have taught and participated in yoga classes for over thirty years and also worked in the NHS with cancer patients, here in the UK. I have never come across such a warm and generous teacher as Ann, and her use of the Tibetan bowls is wonderful. She is so gentle and honest. Wonderful.

Alison M., United Kingdom

 “I cannot say enough about the this class and the benefits I have received from taking it. Ann’s bright cheerfulness sets the tone for my day. Her constant attention to our unique needs make me feel very special. I have also learned from the support group after class as well.

Susan S., California USA

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Research on Efficacy of Yoga / Sound Therapy in managing cancer, blood cancer, and WM: Although still in the infancy stage, studies of yoga as a complementary or integrative practice are promising.