Private Yoga Sessions

Whether you are looking to stay healthy as you age, recover from an injury, or find new tools to navigate chronic stress or illness, private therapeutic yoga offers a unique and holistic approach towards your care.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

  • Yoga Asana Styles – Chair, Gentle, Flow, Restorative, Yin
  • Meditation – manage pain, anxiety, stress
  • Yoga Nidra – guided relaxation for better sleep
  • Breath-work – regulate the nervous system
  • Yoga Philosophy – inspire self-study and personal growth
  • Ayurveda – find better balance using tools of diet and lifestyle modifications
  • Sound Therapy – Himalayan Singing Bowls

Getting Started

Private therapeutic yoga begins with a comprehensive intake form, which not only allows Ann to get to know you better on many levels, but helps you clarify your own wellness goals. From there, we co-create a program that tailors the tools of yoga to your individual needs, which may fluctuate and change over time. We can meet in person or on Zoom!

Note: Yoga is a complementary or integrative practice to be used in conjunction with standard medical care.

  • Careful, Confidential Review of your completed Intake Form (see Intake form for WM if that applies)
  • Initial Email, Zoom, or Phone Consultation
  • 3 (60-75 minute)Yoga Wellness sessions tailored to your wellness goals and level
  • COVID-19 safety protocols in place
  • Ongoing followup and support
  • First time students should start with the Yoga Wellness Starter Package
  • 5 (60-75 minute)Yoga Wellness sessions tailored to your wellness goals and level
  • COVID-19 safety protocols in place
  • Personalized practice videos and recordings to complement our live sessions
  • Ongoing followup and support, revising goals and wellness plan as needed

Sliding scale available, please inquire.

Ann is a yoga therapist candidate in her 2nd year of study at Prema Yoga Institute’s Yoga Therapy Program. More About Ann

What clients are saying about Private Sessions:

I have noticed greater stability through my core and hip muscles which has improved my balance, particularly on uneven surfaces. Overall I have felt more energized and I have learned ways to bring ‘calm’ to my day through some breathing techniques and guided meditation.It doesn’t take a formal session for me to practice yoga during my everyday routine and that, to me, brings value into my life.” – Deb S., regular client

Deb S. balancing core work

Yoga has become a part of my daily life in a variety of ways like conscious breathing at the beginning or end of the day or at times of stress. Through working privately with Ann, I’ve experienced improved balance, pain relief, and increased ease of movement. These were also coincidentally my goals for starting yoga in the first place!” Kathy G., regular client

Supplemental videos just for you recorded to aid you outside of our sessions together