Sound Healing for the Heart

Nourish the innermost Self that resides at the heart center

  • Saturday February 11th 7:00-8:30pm
  • Heart Space at Seven Stones in Media, PA

Celebrate Heart Space’s 8th anniversary with this special Sound Healing offering designed to open and nourish your heart space, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

During this 90 minute workshop, we’ll gently explore the Hridayakasha – or heart space – using the tools of posture, breath, awareness and sound vibration. Sound vibration can not only calm the nervous system, but help connect us to something larger and deeper; we can entrain our own inner rhythms to a more divine, connected frequency. 

Take a trip on a tapestry of sound, woven together by the golden threads of authentic Himalayan Singing Bowls, guided relaxation and visualization, and Vedic mantra.

Bring your own mat and any props or support you need to be comfortable in a reclining posture. We will do some brief stretching to facilitate deeper relaxation and opening. All are welcome. $30

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